Missing Paintings
Missing Paintings

About the Artist's Works, which are not published on this website

Most of the paintings created in 1953-1965, as well as some works made after this time, were bought by the Soviet State (Art Foundation of the Armenian SSR or Art Foundation of the USSR) and granted to various museums or organizations of the country.

Only black-and-white photographs of several works and some sketches of this period are presented in this website. The places of dozens of paintings are unknown for now.

There are only five paintings are kept in the National Gallery of Armenia today. The search for the remaining paintings conducted by the Ministry of Culture of Armenia in 2018 did not give any additional result. Another purpose of this website is to help to find missing paintings.

In 1991, six years after artist’s death, about 30 late works were stolen from his art studio, mostly painted by palette knife. Among them were 9 landscapes with Armenian churches, 9 marine sketches, the blossoming apricot tree, the landscape with a view of Mt. Ararat and a number of other paintings.

This website also does not include the paintings artist sold or gave during his lifetime to private persons.

For more complete presentation of Vladimir Minasyan’s art on this online art gallery, if you are the owner of any his work or you know something about any painting of him unpublished on this website, please contact us and share their quality photos with us.